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Introduce your audience to the best solar smartphone charger

Help WakaWaka end energy poverty in our lifetime!

All of this is possible with the Turnkey WakaWaka Web-Based Fundraising Program.

  • No labor!

  • No inventory!

  • Year-round online fundraising!

The key to any online fundraising program is choosing a product your visitors will love.

Consider this: In 2013 alone, over 200 million smartphones will be sold, all of which will require an alternative energy source sometime during the day, especially during the next natural disaster.

The Waka Waka Power is the answer.

This pocket-sized solar smartphone charger is up to 200% more efficient than any other product on the market, and will charge a smartphone in 2 hours or less after 8 hours in the sun (or charge via AC). With WakaWaka, it's possible to never be without smartphone power again. Reviews from Forbes and other news groups confirm: 


"I would definitely investigate the WakaWaka. I never leave home without mine.”  ~The Digital Story

WakaWaka Power is in demand across America. And now we’re making it super easy for your organization to generate income by selling this product through our Turnkey Web-Based Fundraising Program.

Three steps to success:

  1. Place the WakaWaka widget on your website or blog, or send a link via email: As easy as pasting a YouTube video on your blog with embed code we provide!

  2. Introduce your supporters to WakaWaka:  Consumers agree: WakaWaka Power is a no-brainer smartphone accessory making sales easy!

  3. Raise money for your organization and help us end energy poverty:  We’ll send you a monthly report detailing how many WakaWaka Powers were purchased along with your donation check.

Plus, every purchase your audience makes supports a sustainable economic empowerment system. Over 1.5 billion people around the world live without grid electricity and little to no access to quality light and power. WakaWaka’s mission to end energy poverty worldwide in our lifetime by:

  • Supporting NGO partners that are educating women entrepreneurs

  • Providing initial inventory to help new solar entrepreneurs get started

  • Offering micro-financing to make high quality light and smartphone power affordable for businesses and communities!

We will send all the details to you and have you ready to go in less than 48 hours. Submit your email today to start raising funds and to help us end energy poverty in our lifetime.

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