Stories of women’s empowerment from the field

March 8, 2017
Stories of women’s empowerment from the field

On International Women’s Day, as we celebrate women’s strength, resilience, and ingenuity, as well as their social, economic, cultural and political achievements, we would like to share how WakaWakas can make a big difference in the lives of women and their communities.

Kojoki small

Kojoki Agnes (22), Uganda

Kojoki lives in Elegu, a town in the Northern Region in Uganda.

“Before I received this solar lamp I was using a flashlight that uses disposable batteries after the power has gone off. The solar has reduced my expenditures on dry cells and the savings is used for acquiring other needs in the home.”

During the day Kojoki works around the house. She washes clothes, but she never had the time to iron the clothes during the day. It was very difficult to do that in the evening. With the WakaWaka she can iron the clothes in the evening. This saves her much time to do other things during the day.

esparance small

Esperance, Rwanda.

Esperance is a potato farmer in Rwanda and also works as a community health worker. In this way, she can assist in a healthy future for community members.

“As a community health worker, it was not easy to see [during] my operations, but now I can see clearly without any problem.”

As a community worker, Esperance assists with births, pregnancies, and general health care service in the community. In the evenings it was always difficult to do operations carefully. With the WakaWaka Esperance is able to perform her job in the evening and save money on kerosene and candles.

Salaam small

Salaam (9), Syria

Strong girls will turn into strong women! Salaam (meaning peace) and her family have fled the brutal conflicts in Syria to look for peace and safety in Jordan. For four months they moved around in Syria, but finally, the war forced them to move to a refugee camp in Jordan.

“The WakaWaka lamp provides us with light for free. I recharge the lamp every day by putting it right into the sunlight.”

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