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The WakaWaka Found­a­tion is a sep­ar­ate or­gan­iz­a­tion from the WakaWaka so­cial en­ter­prise. It has the Dutch AN­BI-status and a su­per­vis­ory board which meets four times a year. 

Next to purchasing WakaWaka products, com­pan­ies and in­di­vidu­als can donate to the WakaWaka Found­a­tion. The Found­a­tion raises funds to provide sol­ar products to fam­il­ies in hu­man­it­ari­an crises and im­prove­ ac­cess to safe and sus­tain­able sol­ar in rur­al com­mu­nit­ies. Please click on the donate but­ton to find our bank­ing de­tails. 

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The WakaWaka Foundation hosts several key events throughout the year

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Have you already heard of the Switch?

Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) is one of the most productive dance companies in the Netherlands, if not in the world. During Switch, the NDT 1 and NDT 2 dancers take full control. For this annual event, they compile a special programme of new choreographies created by themselves. In addition to the artistic content, the dancers also manage the production, fundraising and marketing efforts. This year the dancers decided that the evening’s revenue, including ticket and merchandise sales, will be donated to the WakaWaka Foundation.  Each Switch edition is unique and presents a multitude of choreographies that illustrate the dancers creativity.
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Al Gore - 10 years after

Ten years ago Al Gore woke up the world with his movie ‘An In­con­veni­ent Truth’. Maur­its Groen, founder of WakaWaka, saw the ur­gency of his plan, and brought it to the Neth­er­lands. On the 4th of Oc­to­ber Al Gore was in the Neth­er­lands again. WakaWaka joined hands with In­spir­a­tion360 and wanted to stim­u­late so­cial and sus­tain­able en­tre­pren­eur­ship. The event aimed to in­vig­or­ate the de­bate in the Neth­er­lands and in­crease the read­i­ness to take ac­tion. 

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Impact: Share the Sun Projects

The WakaWaka Found­a­tion on the one hand supports WakaWaka's activities in East Africa, by contributing to solar trainings and rural awareness programs. On the other hand the WakaWaka Foundation provides safe solar light and powerbanks for families in direct need. Click below to read stories

Share the Sun Projects
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