Solar for Syria: 7735 WakaWakas

Thanks to a successful campaign, thousands of Syrian refugees now have light and the ability to charge their cellphone. With the support of both companies and individuals, Solar for Syria provided 7,735 WakaWakas with a commercial value of $467,465.

Camille van Gestel (CEO WakaWaka) and David Miliband (President IRC) shaking hands on this great achievement.

We are looking back on a great partnership with the IRC on getting WakaWakas to those in Syria who need it most. One of IRC's members, Ned Colt, was in Syria to whitness people's satifaction with the WakaWaka Power: 

'If grins can gauge popularity, the WakaWaka is clearly appreciated by displaced Syrians the IRC is supporting in the northern part of the country.  In a daylong visit last year, I saw at least one or two in front of most tents, charging in the bright sun. When I tried to ask about them in my non-existent Arabic, the smiles and gestures in response were not a retort to my language shortcomings, but rather the approval of the WakaWaka.' (Read the full story).

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