WakaWaka in Lebanon

A WakaWaka is so much more than just a light.

"It brings the people security in the camps and homes at night, it saves them from the present danger of fire and the health hazards accompanied by candles, oil lamps or electrocution. And additionally the solar light is also saving them costs."

- Dani El Tayar from Habitat for Humanity Lebanon

You can donate directly to the WakaWaka Foundation to send solar lights and chargers to emergency relief efforts in Lebanon. WakaWakas enable families to safely use energy and light and connect with their loved ones.

Lebanon has more than 1 million Syrians and over 400,000 long term refugees from Palestine now living among a national population of 4 million. Lebanon now has the highest per capita concentration of refugees in the world. Habitat for Humanity is working on an intervention that will rehabilitate and weatherproof buildings and upgrade sanitary conditions for 7,500 people in informal settlements and slums.


You can also use WakaWaka’s Share the Sun offer to support emergency relief efforts in Lebanon. For every purchase of a WakaWaka Power+ or WakaWaka Light, we will donate a solar light to Habitat for Humanity, in Lebanon. 

Most people in Lebanon do not have access to electricity or experiences frequent outages. Many Syrian refugees use dangerous illegal ways to tap electricity for their basic needs like cooking and working at night. Unfortunately the makeshift set-ups with electric wires often lead to electrocution. The WakaWakas would be of extreme importance to Syrian refugees by providing light and power and safeguard these families from possible fires in their tents.



WakaWaka ('Shine Bright' in Swahili) develops high-tech low-cost solar powered lamps and chargers that are indispensable products both in the developing world and in developed markets. Using the latest in patented solar technology the WakaWaka Light and WakaWaka Power are true lifesavers for those without electricity. Currently there are over 200,000 WakaWakas in use in crisis areas in Syria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Haiti and the Philippines.

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