Statement from WakaWaka

As a social enterprise determined to find ways to share the abundant power of the sun with the billions worldwide who don’t have the luxury of a light switch or power outlet, we find ourselves in the slightly bizarre position of informing our family, friends and other Agents of Light that those same powerful rays from the sun may cause an – ahem – slight “sunburn” on our Power units. (Yes, literally, in high temperatures exceeding 70 degrees Celsius or 160 degrees Fahrenheit, the Powers may experience sunburn that manifests itself in the form of small "bubbles" in our panels.) The issue is purely cosmetic. It does not cause any kind of a safety concern, nor does it affect the Power’s performance. But, as you know, we have exceedingly high quality standards for our premium, top-performing solar lights and chargers.

Our product is a proud example of world-famous Dutch design and aesthetic: innovative, brilliant, quirky and beautiful. And that means that even a minor cosmetic issue like small bubbles just won’t do.

So what are we going to do?

We decided to take action in a couple of important ways. We have fixed the Power units and we expect the new ones in a few weeks. 
In the meantime, until December 31, 2015 we will replace any Powers purchased before September 1, 2015,
no questions asked.* 

A few more details: 70 degrees Celsius or 160 degrees Fahrenheit is blazin’ hot, but you should know that even in moderate temperatures, some surfaces exposed to direct sunlight can reach temperatures that high. Ready to replace your WakaWaka? Use the Replacement Request Form [As per December 31, 2015 this form is closed] to submit your request. 

We are not going to sit around twiddling our thumbs while we wait for our new Power units to arrive. For the next few weeks, we are continuing to do what we love and do best: inform, impact and inspire. There is still a great deal of work to be done on the ground in communities living off-grid, without access to electricity. And we remain strong in our commitment to sharing the sun. 

Peace, love and WakaWaka.

*Ahem, actually we will ask for proof of purchase and contact information. 

Ready to replace you WakaWaka? 
Replacement Request Form 
[As per December 31, 2015 this form is closed]

Got questions? We've got answers.
Replacement FAQ


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