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Power your outdoor camping trips with the use of solar energy.

Get up to €50 off by buying these special packages. Whether its with friends, family or your partner - going camping is a great way to go back-to-basics and enjoy what nature provides. However, having a reliable source of light and power to charge your electronics is just as important! Check out our packages below to get you ready for the trip.

Camping Light Kit

In search of a reliable source of light for those dark nights? 

We know at WakaWaka that one of the best parts of a camping trip are those night-time fires. However, when they are out it is good to have lights to show you the way around..for example to your tent!

The Package

5 x WakaWaka Lights for the price of 4. Perfect to light up many spots, for the family or friends. 

Normal price...... 149,75
Package price... 119,80

You save ....  29,95

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camping light kit

Camping Full Kit

Going on a camping trip with family or friends? 

Use solar energy to power your trip! We thought of everything for you in this kit to make sure you are always able to take those beautiful pictures, have enough light and to take advantage of the clean energy of the Sun! 

The Package

  1. Solar Panel & Link 
  2. Power (bank) 10 + 
  3. Pocket Light 
  4. Micro USB Cable

Normal price...... 197,80
Package price... 149,95

You save ....  47,85

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camping full kit

Camping Waterproof Kit

Are you planning a trip with a chance of water or dirt? 

Rain or shine. Surfing, climbing, jumping or walking through off-beaten trails. No matter what the situation, keep your WakaWaka Solar Powerbank & Light safe with a waterproof pouch. 

The Package

  1. Power+ powerbank
  2. Waterproof Pouch
  3. Waka Waka Light
Normal price...... 99,90

Package price... 75,95

You save... 23,95 

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Waterproof Kit WakaWaka

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Did you know that your purchase contributes directly to our mission of empowering 1,2 billion people in the world who don't have access to energy? Read more below.

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Solar powered electronics

WakaWaka makes electronic products such as solar energy powerbanks and pocket lights for all the outdoor enthusiasts who are looking to discover remote locations and go off the usual paths. You can now ensure your light & electronics for on the way with a solar-powered, sustainable energy source. 

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Products with a Purpose

WakaWaka is social enterprise in premium solar products. We take responsibility for the quality of our products but also of our impact on society. Instead of focusing only on profits, we pay attention to sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions that do good in the world. That is how since 2012 we have empowered already 1.3 million lives. 


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